Loch Lynne is one of the rare remaining farms with natural rhino veld and a small swamp. In co-operation with Cape Nature and SANBI, 20% of the farm has been set aside for conservation as part of a plan to re-establish plants and animals that were indigenous to this area.

Loch Lynne's long-term vision is to minimise the impact of mankind, and to eradicate the centuries of wrong practices through sustainable development and conservation.

An ongoing project to eradicate alien trees and to replace these with indigenous trees was introduced in 2006, and more than a thousand trees planted since. All rubbish dump sites have also been rehabilitated, and erosion minimised using natural materials.

Employees are encouraged to conserve the natural heritage as the guardians of this inheritance. Conservation practises are also cultivated amongst the farm children, and all Loch Lynne spray operators have attended courses to teach them the right practice and handling of chemicals.


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