Situated on the southern slopes of Rondeboschjesberg in the Durbanville region, Loch Lynne was originally proclaimed Vrymansfontein, a grain farm dating back to the beginning of the century.
Today, historic grain towers and barn still bear testimony to its roots in grain production, hinting at the unique terroir that decades later would be recognised as South Africa's finest cool-climate area for top-quality sauvignon blanc production.

Since 2006, the farm has been patiently and meticulously converted to top quality dry land grape cultivation, the fruit of which culminated in its first wines to go to market – one white and three reds, crafted by renowned winemakers Thys Louw (reds) and Carla Herbst (white).
These wines bear testimony to very special climatic and soil characteristics - vines aligned to the path of the morning sun, cooled by Atlantic breezes, and drawing sustenance from cool, moisture-retaining soil thanks to layers of gravel and fertile red soil topping a bank of clay.

Cooler soil means the ripening process is slowed, patiently concentrating flavours into fruity intensity – the qualities we build on to create well-balanced, refreshing wines for special occasions.


Savour both with limited edition wines handcrafted to complement rare occasions.
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