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Loch Lynne, situated on the slopes of Durbanville, is a beautiful wine estate. While retaining its farming activities, it has also been perfectly transformed into a destination venue for weddings, corporate functions and other bespoke events.

Spread over 156 hectares, at 305m above sea level, the estate comprises 60 hectares of vineyards and 20 hectares of olives. The remainder is devoted to the raising of cattle and sheep, the water being sustainably sourced from boreholes on the property.

Its grain silos and barn recall its origins as a grain-producing facility, while its unique terroir, so well suited to pasture, also favours the production of top-quality Sauvignon Blanc and red wines, notably Merlot.

With commanding views and unspoilt surrounds, it is a welcoming, chic venue in the heart of the Durbanville winelands – close to the city, but with the signature beauty and space of the countryside.